Oribe amazon cardboard tube tea bowl Christian Loubou tea bowl amazon nickel glaze corrugated bowl with broken pattern
Fantasy superstition pattern red picture tea bowl Yahoo Auctions collapsed pattern colored painting silver painting high platform tea bowl Speed addict street tea bowl 'Turn Left'
amazon cardboard Cardboard flower vase amazon cardboard
Campbell's soup Blue piece A great discovery
Stone-Black FRAGILE Cardboard Rusted Campbell's Soup Can(Beef Soup)
Campbell's soup Campbell's soup Stone-Blue
Campbell's soup Blue piece A great discoverry
Biography of HAL
1975 Born in Kanagawa Japan
[Solo Exhibitions]
2023 Daikanyama Tsutaya, lounge Anjin & Share lounge, Tokyo
2022 Daikanyama Tsutaya, Share lounge, Tokyo
  Galerie Chêne Tokyo, Tokyo
[Grouop Exhibitions]
2022 "Small Works 2022", Galerie Chêne Tokyo, Tokyo